Setting out educational ideas for high achieving girls

An outstanding Lesson

Ten Ways to produce an Outstanding Lesson An outstanding lesson is best achieved by following your usual processes and thinking about drawing out key progress messages Relating the points to … Continue reading

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Independent Learning – and Twitter

Teaching and Learning Update  Independent Learning  No videos this week, but a reflection on independent learning. This is one of two key areas for focus for developing our teaching work, … Continue reading

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The Quality of Learning

Teaching and Learning Update  Music What an amazing Key Stage 3 concert this week. I am constantly at a loss for words about the talent and commitment of our pupils … Continue reading

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Space Travel – and Independent Learning

Teaching and Learning Update  It hardly seems possible that a month has passed since we started our new courses. In this column we try to provide stimulating ideas and ways … Continue reading

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Media Update

Teaching and Learning Update  To begin our weekly reflection on teaching and learning at Wirral Grammar School for Girls, please enjoy watching this beautiful video of the A level music … Continue reading

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Teaching and Learning Update

To start with, an update from our Teaching and Learning Groups, and one from the Independent Learning Team this week. Emma Heymans is part of the group working on this … Continue reading

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Welcome to the New Year

School Development We started our year with a session with Steve Watson of the Learning Organisation (http://www.tloltd.co.uk/). This was a useful and powerful way of getting into the work that … Continue reading

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