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New Term, New Challenges

10 January 2014

Welcome to the New Year! I’ve had a number of requests to directly email to parents the Teaching and Learning bulletin – which goes on the ‘blog’ site of the school’s website every Friday. I know that it’s hard to keep on top of different sources of information, and I don’t want to intrude on busy parents’ lives, but, as has been pointed out to me, it’s as easy to delete an email as it is to do anything, and it’s of more use than the usual emails about low cost loans. I will continue to put the contents on the blog part of the website as a repository of past editions.

 What’s happening this term?

In the weeks ahead I will be sharing with you material from our staff responsible for numeracy and literacy so that you can see how we are supporting your daughter with these areas. We will also be promoting and pushing the work we are doing to support independent learning by our girls, and ways of supporting and targeting the individual needs of your daughter.

We would also like to again offer to parents the opportunity to help us to review and assess our reporting process. Thanks to the parents who have already offered to help with this: we’ll get started shortly. As you know, we have overhauled the way we report on progress at every level and at every stage in the school, and we want to make sure that we get it right. You may also have read that a revised national curriculum is going to alter aspects of this, so the more assistance and insight we can get, the better.

 Video support

As you may know, I use video a lot to support the different work that we do in school, either in terms of sharing good practice and celebrating success, or in terms of training and support. We have a huge range of videos which are unlisted, but I want to try and create some directly aimed at parents which will be open access. These will be ways of helping you to have an insight into the work we are doing here to help to develop your daughter’s learning experience.

The first of these is one that Year 12 did for the staff. They are very happy for me to share it on the open web, and so I encourage you to check it here:

Sixth Form Video on Motivation



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