Setting out educational ideas for high achieving girls

Independent Girls

Independent Learning

Thanks to Julie Taylor, Vicky Gaskin and Emma Heymans for this work

In school, we are committed to encouraging the girls to become more independent in their learning habits. We know that this is important both in enabling the girls to do well academically but also as a life skill. Learning independently also makes the experience of being at school more enjoyable and prepares them well for future study or career development.

 Below is a definition of independent learning:

  • Finding and collecting information themselves
  • Making decisions about what to study and when
  • Carrying out investigations or projects
  • Learners learning at their own pace using ICT or VLEs
  • Completing homework, extension work or coursework assignments

 We use our VLE (Realsmart accessible via the website) to support independent learning, invite the girls in Year 9 and Year 13 to participate in the Extended Project Qualification and integrate independent learning skills into our lessons.

On Wednesday 13th December we are targeting Year 13. Lessons will continue as normal, but during the lessons, teachers will focus specifically on how girls can use independent learning skills in that subject. We will be starting the day with an assembly about the benefits of developing these skills also. We are targeting Year 13 as a survey suggested that they were still very reliant on staff to guide them through curriculum content.

Please feel free to discuss these ideas with your daughter, we hope she finds some of the ideas we are re-introducing her to useful.

 Ten Myths about Teaching

 Thanks to Becky Mahony for this material from the TES – some really interesting points here! It’s intended to be a “de-mythologising” guide for new staff, but the messages ring true to us all!

 Read it here

 Community Star Party


The Wirral Girls Astronomy Club is hosting a Community Star Party here at WirralGrammar School for Girls next Tuesday 10th December from 7 – 8.30pm. At the star party, there will be opportunities to observe many interesting astronomical objects including the Moon, Planets, Star Clusters and Galaxies using a variety of telescopes as well as learning more about these astronomical objects and the constellations of the night sky. The evening will start in the School Hall at 7pm, please enter the school from the car park entrance. We ask that you bring a torch and warm clothes as the majority of the evening will be spent outside (weather permitting). If you would like to bring your own telescope please infom Miss.Pass at sp@wirralgirls.co.uk

 Reporting home to parents

In the new year, I will be convening a group of parents to review and develop our reporting processes which have changed quite a lot this year. If you would be interested and willing to serve on such a group, can you let me know. As with anything on this blog, I can be contacted on ml@wirralgirls.co.uk 

Ofted visit!

 Just finally, Hogwarts have been visited by Ofsted! Thanks to Lisa Roberts, who many of you will remember as a former student here, for sending me this. Read their damning report here!



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