Setting out educational ideas for high achieving girls

Perfect 10

Top 10 tips for Independent Learning

 This list is provided by some of Year 12 – a good collection. I love (as you may have spotted) top 10s – lists that are simple to think through and that you can conceive of keeping. What I like about this list of the girls is that it is very straightforward, and number 10 is particularly good!

  1. For pupils:
    Be an active note taker, even when not promoted, writing too much is always better than writing too little
  2. Although key words are important, the notes making sense to you is the most crucial thing
  3. If you don’t have homework, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do, reading over your notes and reading around the subject is always beneficial
  4. Utilise the library to your advantage. There are a number of helpful books on each AS subject.
  5. If you do not understand something, go to your teacher straight away, they will be happy to help.
  6. Use your planner to keep a work timetable – don’t wait for someone to tell you when to do it.
  7. When you get work back, always try to find one thing that is simple to work on and improve. If it’s not obvious, ask your teacher


  1. For teachers:
    Trust your students to take initiative and allow them to take ownership of the lesson
  2. Do something new every week, different teaching methods will suit different students and will allow them to develop their own personal learning


10.Don’t stop believing, Hang on to that feeling.

 Literacy and Numeracy

 Ciara McGarrigle and Linzi Buchanan are moving ideas forward to give our literacy and numeracy work a much needed boost. For the former we want to support a push on key ideas and words in classrooms, and for the latter we want to select five or six key areas to be consistent about in our teaching. With numeracy, especially, we are aware that there is a range of practices that our pupils are bringing in with them from primaries. As teams looking at these areas shape their ideas we will share them with staff and parents through this and other methods – keep reading!

 Top 10 Teacher’s movies


On a very serious note, the TES has revealed the top films that teachers like to watch. A fascinating list, and we will inevitably reflect on it in terms of our own likes. You can read the full list on the TES site, but for an analysis of the top 10, our Twitter feed has sent us this site for your perusal. At the risk of starting a staffroom competition I have seen eight of them: I’ll leave you to guess which ones!

Study the list here


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