Setting out educational ideas for high achieving girls

Kagan – a way of learning

Kagan Learning

 As part of our school focus on Independent Learning Emma Heymans gave us an excellent introduction to some of the ideas of Kagan Learning. A good cross section of staff attended and we were all really enthused by her ideas,  I was struck by how this could help to engage with learners in a different way, adapting and adjusting the ideas as you do so. The four principles of Kagan Learning are at the heart of what we try to do here:

Positive Interdependence

allowing the girls to work together and learn from one another

Individual Accountability

allowing the girls to take responsibility for their own successes and struggles

Equal Participation

so all girls have the chance to succeed and to learn

Simultaneous Interaction

so that all girls are active in the process.

You can read more details on their website: http://www.kagan-uk.co.uk/


English Success


Congratulations to English, who have been named, again, as the most successful A level English Language department: that makes every year since 2009! An amazing success.

We are hugely proud of all our girls and staff, and all successes in all departments help us to feel good about our school.

Parents, please make sure you let me know when your daughter has achieved, especially out of school when we might not normally expect to know about it:  then we can share and circulate what great things we are doing.


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