Setting out educational ideas for high achieving girls

Clever Girls

Clever Girls

Those of you who are regular readers of my work will know that I am a disciple of the great American educationalist, Carol Dweck. What she tells us about teaching clever girls could define the strengths – and educational weaknesses – of a school like our own.

I came across this excellent summary of her work: that clever girls are prone to that worst of all handicaps: the belief that their intelligence is fixed and that they can only fail, whereas, educationally, clever boys have more of a belief that if they can’t do something they can learn to get better at it. It is a generalisation, and like all generalisations we can think of many exceptions to this rule.

As we reflect on the Sixth Form consultation that we have just done, and as we reflect on the fact that differentiation and independent thought is at the heart of our school development work, we need to address how we help our girls to see themselves as learners who can move forward, not replicate a statement of how clever they are.

Read the article here.


Alice In Wonderland

 Have you got your ticket yet? To whet your appetite, here’s a brief montage of some of the photos that were taken in rehearsal – it looks amazing!

 Watch the photos here

 Songwriter’s Night

 As always, this was an amazing reflection of the ability and hard work of our girls, and a testament to the music department.

Here’s a brief video which shows you how well they’ve done




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