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Independent Learning – and Twitter

Teaching and Learning Update

 Independent Learning

 No videos this week, but a reflection on independent learning. This is one of two key areas for focus for developing our teaching work, the other being the almost inseparable one of differentiation.

We know that this is a real emphasis of our Sixth Form review next half term, but we also know that it is not enough to simply drop it on the Sixth Form without it being rooted throughout the school. Independent work is the doorway to higher learning at every level: we live in a data rich world, but, unless we know how to access this for ourselves, with the ability to discriminate between the random and the intellectually valuable, then we are significantly disadvantaged in the world.

In the RS department review last week, pupil voice summed up our challenge. A key stage 3 pupil: “I like to do independent work when I’m told how to do it.” The need of our girls (and ourselves, if we are honest) for reassurance and operating within comfort zones has to be developed and we need to use the excellent resources and ideas that are around.

This would be the point to remind us that Emma Heymans and Vicky Gaskin are developing this work this year, and that a folder exists on the Google Drive to support this (look under “Shared with me” to see this and other resources . Use what they are doing and think how to develop this within your own teaching.

Top 10

 I’m so old I can remember when the music charts had a value to every teenager around. The top 10 was at its core. We want to create a top 10 for different areas of learning within the school and the Teaching and Learning group will be drawing up lists. Help them by suggesting practical and effective tips for the different areas.

Currently the list is:

10 ways to create opportunities for extension work for top pupils 10 ways to make the most of numeracy opportunities in lessons
10 ways to make the most of literacy opportunities in lessons 10 ways to make the most of SMSC opportunities in lessons
10 ways to support pupils who are struggling with the standard required 10 ways to use ICT to support your teaching
10 ways to use SISRA to help you in your work 10 ways to help you think of ways to help pupils improve exam marks
10 ways to use marking to help pupils to progress.  

Over to you!



 Finally, a list of our Twitter feeds currently in use in school. Follow them if you use Twitter. We retweet as much as we can, and when we do so it goes onto the school website, so it is a quick and immediate way of getting attention to the work you are doing. See me if you are interested and would like help setting one up.

Remember to use the #wgsg so we can pick you up on our feeds.

 The current School Twitter Feeds (sorry if I’ve missed yours – but get tweeting so I can see it) are:


















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