Setting out educational ideas for high achieving girls

Media Update

Teaching and Learning Update

 To begin our weekly reflection on teaching and learning at Wirral Grammar School for Girls, please enjoy watching this beautiful video of the A level music group under the direction of Mr James Sills singing Byrd’s “Non nobis, domine”

Watch here

Video Resources

Today’s update encourages you to think of video resources, and I am indebted to colleagues and parents who have suggested and supported what we are doing with ideas.

From Mrs Vicky Gaskin:

Truetube is an excellent collection of videos for RE, PSHE and Citizenship with many ideas to support learning.

Check this here


Triptico is to download to your tablet or pc and will allow you to develop and create interactive resources for the classroom.

Check this here

Can I also remind you of a brilliant free resource for those engaged in the learning of young people. Teacher’s TV was a useful place to support learning: most of its resources are still available online, and one of those places is on the TES website

Check the link here


Finally from me today, we have, as a school, many Twitter feeds: most of the Houses now have one, @WGSG_DesingTech is self explanatory, as is @wgsg_german and @wirral_PE. Others are there and we will publicise them as they get used.

Please remember to use our #wgsg for all your twitter feeds so that the school feed can pick you up and retweet you and publicise your feed. We, ourselves, are @wirralgirls and we would encourage all staff and parents to follow us as a quick and efficient way of picking up information.


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