Setting out educational ideas for high achieving girls

End of Year Report

This is the last of my reports on Teaching and Learning for this academic year and, inevitably, I am in something of a reflective and analytic frame of mind.

The school has moved forward a lot this year, and we have engaged with a huge number of challenges. We started with a full Ofsted trial inspection, to see if we could match the high criteria we set for ourselves and their “outstanding” judgement was reassuring. It did raise questions for us to tackle, and our coming Development Work shows what those are.

At the risk of hubris on all our parts we have been able to engage with the challenges that outside agencies throw at us. This has been done by using four key groups: the Curriculum Leaders Group, made up of our key middle leaders in our academic learning areas,  is at the heart of shaping our Teaching and Learning agenda and their ability to shape and lead the ideas that we have developed has been key. At the cost of losing two valued colleagues, a new head of drama and history will give a different dimension to our work here.

Secondly the Teaching and Learning Group. I cannot stress enough how much I have come to value the commitment and ideas that this group puts forward. By and large younger and with an energy I can only regretfully admire, the fact that they tend to move on to other schools, or get internal promotion as their careers develop, is inevitable, but the mixture of experience and enthusiasm has made this group key to our success. I look forward to welcoming new colleagues joining us in our work.

Thirdly groups of pupils: our girls have an amazing ability to comment positively on our work, giving us insights that we would find hard to develop without them. We continue to encourage girls to have confidence to take on these roles: I hope to draw in a new tranche in September.

Fourthly and finally, sharing with other schools. The group that I work with has now set up shared learning groups with leaders in English, Maths, Science, MFL, Data and, newly, the Sixth Form. This covers the six Wirral grammars and Bluecoat in Liverpool.

This sounds like an end of term report: I want you to have a clear picture of the wide range of Teaching and Learning activities that we follow, and to encourage you to get involved, either with other schools, shaping pupil voice, or working on our other Teaching and Learning teams.

Have a great holiday, and don’t be afraid to think of great ideas! Non sibi, sed suis.


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