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Learning in the Cloud

A lot of work has been done in recent times in developing learning using the internet and virtual learning areas. One of the ways I’ve been working on this is by using the Google Drive. Our school is lucky enough to use the RealSmart system for its VLE and this piggybacks onto Google so all our staff and girls have access to the Apps that come with this – and that includes the ability to write, share, and edit documents. When you are a Sixth Form student building up a research, independent essay, this is a powerful tool.

I have done a short video which instructs the staff in how to use the Google Drive  Click here to watch it – anyone with a Google Account will find this helpful.

Secondly a video which shows you how I am using this system to share and mark essays. This is a real way forward because of the facility to live edit work and put comments on it separate to the essay itself. With so many staff here marking external exams where marking on-screen is increasingly common, this will be a real support to their work. it is only two minutes long. Click here to watch me mark a part of an essay.

Finally, we are lucky to share our school community with partner schools in South Africa and Namibia. Yesterday, Miss Fenny Shanjengange visited us from Namibia. You can watch a short video about Du Plessis High in Windhoek here.

Watch here.

Du Plessis will work with our Pupil Magazine and really give our students a chance to engage with learners from a very different culture and background. World Learning in action!



2 comments on “Learning in the Cloud

  1. M Beale
    September 20, 2013

    Have you come across the Showbie app/website, a simple way to link students and teachers, and which can be accessed remotely. Teachers can set home work, leave tasks, even voice messages. Students can upload files, ask questions of clarification etc. It is a practical and powerful tool especially if IPads and PCs are being used.


    • girlsgrammar
      September 20, 2013

      Thanks – I’ll have a good look at that and give a report on it in the next edition

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