Setting out educational ideas for high achieving girls

School Development Work

School Development Plan

Today’s blog asks us to focus on the School Development Plan and give a brief insight into the areas we are seeking to develop in the year ahead


Next year we will be using a system called SISRA to help you to track the progress your pupils are making. If you read this as one of our teaching staff, your Head of Department may already have shown you this, or will be going to do so. In the meantime why not have a look yourself. If you go to the website


then you need to go to the login page. You can come to see me for your login details, but it is much quicker for you to click on the link which says “Forgotten your login details? Click here”. When you enter your school email it will send you your details.

If you are reading this as a non-teacher at our school, then the website will give a good insight into what we are tryiong to achieve with this


Differentiation and Independent Learning

The key T&L project for next year will be to stretch our pupils appropriate to their ability. This asks us to focus on differentiated tasks and helping our girls to learn on their own. You have read on here the worries we have about high achieving girls and their need to have security and safety. We want to help them stretch their place in the educational world,  challenging their comfort zones and making them more secure and dynamic learners. This blog will show some of the developments that we will be working on with this.

I will track these changes on this blog – keep following it and send us ideas if you know of good links that we can tap into!

You are aware that I love to use the resources of the school to support our work. If there are videos or links that you would like to see, please contact me directly. We are here to make this outstanding school even better!


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