Setting out educational ideas for high achieving girls

Video links – and some web sites

Today’s blog draws together some of the work that we’re doing across the school at the minute – a video from one of our student teachers, two from one of our departments, and some of the websites we’re working with.

Perceptions of Years 7 and 8 from a student teacher.

Lauren’s video

Please go to this link for a really interesting insight into what works well with some of our Year 7 and 8 pupils, including some of our more challenging pupils! 

As you know, I am developing a bank of video clips giving us ideas to support our work. We will certainly create a bank of short CPD clips to help with appraisal, classroom observation and setting targets. Please let me know if there are areas that you would like to see more information on: pupil voice and training techniques are easy enough, but there may be other areas that you would like to see.

 Design and Technolgy

 Two excellent videos from Brian Sprague which showcase the AS and A2 work from our girls.

 AS Video

 A2 Video

 Useful Websites

 I am indebted to Chris Thorneycroft for the following:

Follow the Things

A fake Amazon site that allows you to shop for products and follow their story from where they are produced to where we buy them. Has links to videos, books, academic papers and films related to each product. Written by university students so quite complex but could be used with 6th form and as a source of information.


This is an online geographical information system (GIS) that is free to use and offers computer mapping that can be customised and manipulated. Will mainly be useful for geographers but could be useful for other subjects who want to create maps of locations and then add data to them (perhaps biology fieldwork?).

 Urban Vignettes

Similar to Instagram. Users can register and upload their pictures based on themes set by the websites. Goes in cycles of 12 weeks. You can view and discuss other peoples pictures too. 


And from Helen Colebourn

Stumbled across this while creating some revision resources for the Sixth form. They loved the results!

Crossword Labs

Very simple to use


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