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Teaching and Learning Update

Today’s blog focuses on two areas that can really be used to help teachers, and I invite all to look and comment:

 The first is to return to the TES website. You can go to this on


 Try clicking on this link to have a look. It often tries to make you sign up for “TES Pro” – don’t be put off by that but fight your way through. You will need to set up an account to download material. This costs nothing and, as someone that has had an account for a long time, I can verify that apart from some random emails it has no disadvantage.

The real strength of this site is that it is a repository of material for every subject, and whilst it may be only partially usable for you, you can download it and edit it for yourself. Try it, and see what range of things there are on there.


Thanks again to Hayley Smith who is also on the ICT group for Teaching and Learning. She draws our attention to another “resource” based site. This one can be accessed here:


 I’ve had a look and agree with Hayley that there are some useful links here: I liked the “Quizbusters” game which uses the old Blockbusters format for plenary quizzes, allowing you to use your own or use the ones on the site.


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