Setting out educational ideas for high achieving girls

Developing outstanding practice

I have just posted six short videos on our school internal mail of Year 11 talking about learning. I intend to develop this facility to put clips on this open access blog because I think we need to really get an insight into how pupils learn effectively.

With that in mind we have been looking at the way we support teaching and learning here in the school: Wirral Grammar School for Girls has an enviable reputation for its teaching and learning, but as changes give us greater flexibility we want to help our staff to focus on key areas to develop, and really continue to develop our school as a network of excellence. The big areas for us at this stage are going to be two in number.

The first has got to be independent learning: the ability of our girls to structure and organise their own learning, to move beyond a narrow “what should I put” mentality which can be such a barrier to secondary pupils. We are aware that, for pupils, primary schools provide a really stable base for working on your own, but they will often lose that emphasis as secondary pressures and the need “to get it right” kicks in. There are no easy answers, and many top achieving schools like ourselves are working on this area.

The second area is a more specialist one: schools are rich in data – every aspect of the girls’ lives are documented and measured. We are working hard to become smarter at using this information. The challenge in education is to move beyond just having thousands of bytes of information and actually doing something with it! 

Our work can seen never ending, but we really think these are massively important areas which can transform our school from outstanding to…well, outstanding is not perfect, and perfection is a worthy objective! 

As a footnote, great to see our girls off to London in the Teen Tech Awards, off to Nottingham in the National Basketball finals and maybe playing for the RCN awards in London in June. Go Wirral Girls!


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