Setting out educational ideas for high achieving girls

Tracking pupil performance

Our Teaching and Learning group and Curriculum leaders have both, by different routes, come to a point of identifying the need to track and audit the targets of our pupils more effectively. This is a desire to create a system so that the ordinary class teacher can identify one of their pupils and see at a glance how they are progressing. The departments in the school already have such systems, but what is needed, it is felt, is a system that will speak across the school: not only can I see how she is doing for me as a teacher, but I can see if her success or problem is across the board. This will become a powerful diagnostic tool to allow us to support the girls so we can see who needs more stretching or support, and to audit how effective it has been. This system needs to have the mechanism to identify what intervention has taken place so we can see the effectiveness of what we are doing.

The first part of this work has to be to explore systems that exist to see if they can do this for us. We need to use the data that we have on our girls as a supportive aid to them, and to the staff, so they are not spending a lot of time guessing how the pupil is doing, but can hone in on this at a glance.


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