Setting out educational ideas for high achieving girls

April 12 2013 – Start of Summer Term

Teaching and Learning Newsletter

 This information is both a blog and an email. As a blog I want to encourage staff and parents (and pupils!) to think about how we are developing the learning here at Wirral Grammar School for Girls. As you know, we are lucky enough to have an Ofsted outstanding grading for teaching and learning, and we best maintain and develop this by sharing and developing ideas openly. I also provide a bulletin for teaching staff every Friday, and this newsletter is to complement this for our teachers, but to also allow us to share links on the internet as well as drawing in our wider school community.

 I have attached two links to this blog. The first is a reflection on what makes an outstanding lesson. It comes from my own work with Ofsted inspectors as well as sharing with colleagues here and in other top performing schools. If you would like to read this, please click on this link:

 Outstanding Lessons.

 Secondly I would like to review at least one website or resource for teaching and learning. Colleagues will submit areas that have been useful to them – and teaching staff will receive a second email inviting them to submit areas that have been useful to their teaching.

 Today I would like to draw your attention to the Guardian Teacher Network. Please read my review of this here:

 Guardian Teacher Network

 Please let me know what you would like to see on here to support learning at our school and across the wider community.

 Mike Loveland


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